Bowling Team's "Crazy Bowl" is May 2

Sign up now for Turpin's "Crazy Bowl Spring Fundraiser Party," May 2 at Cherry Grove Lanes. Join us for a fun evening which includes 4 games of bowling,(including shoe rental), door prizes, and split the pot. Get your group together and bring snacks and help support the Bowling team!

The cost is only $30.00 a couple; but the date for payment is April 25. Make your checks payable to Turpin  Boosters and turn them in to the Athletic Department.

Download a FLYER here

This evening includes four games of bowling (including shoe rental), door prizes, Raffle drawings & snacks to share. Drinks purchased separately. Get your group together & have a great time. The first three games are Scotch Doubles. The fourth game is Crazy Bowl where each person bowls the entire game following the instructions listed below. (3 couples/lane). Listen for your name to win one of many door prizes throughout the evening. Also the first couple that bowls exactly a 120, 160 or any 200 game for each of the three scotch doubles games wins $10.00. One prize only for each 120, 160, or any 200 per game.

Scotch Doubles
One partner rolls the first ball; the other partner rolls the second ball. If the first ball is a strike, the rotation changes. Each partner rolls every other ball.

Crazy Bowl: Let the good times roll !!!!
Frame 1. Bowl with your opposite hand.
Frame 2. Bowl using your partner's ball.
Frame 3. Sit down at the foul line and push the ball with your feet.
Frame 4. Turn your back to the pins and bowl between your legs.
Frame 5. Kneel at the foul line and bowl.
Frame 6. Bowl while holding your partners hand.
Frame 7. Bowl from the foul line, no approach, no steps.
Frame 8. Put the ball down at the foul line and push with one hand.
Frame 9. Face the pins, swing the ball behind you and through your legs.
Frame 10. Roll the ball between your partners legs while your partner at the foul line facing you. If you spare or strike repeat the process.


Meet The Bowling Coaches

photo of coach dietzMichelle Dietz is the girls coach. She teaches German at Turpin and is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.

photo of coach kenterEric Kenter is the boys bowling coach. He is an English teacher at Turpin and a graduate of Miami University.

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Girls Statistics • Boys Statistics

Bowling Roster

Sarah Comello
Morgan Cook
Cameron Mickey
Becca Feick
Ashley Fronk
Olivia Humphrey
Gracie Faul
Hannah Fritts
Ava Giordano
Abby Hall
Angelina Wehrman
Katelyn Young

Bowling Schedule

Date Team Time Place
Nov. 17 at SK G 7:00 SBB
Nov. 18 at SK B 9:00a SBB
Nov. 28 Loveland 3:30 CG
Nov. 29 at Loveland 3:30 CL
Dec. 4 at West Cler 3:30 CG
Dec. 5 West Cler 3:30 CG
Dec. 9 Holiday G 9:00a NL
Dec. 9 Holiday B 10:00a NL
Dec. 11 Fenwick 3:30 CG
Dec. 13 at Marie 3:30 MB
Dec. 20 at McNich 3:30 CG
Dec. 21 at Ross 3:30 NL
Jan. 3 at Lakota E 3:30 MB2
Jan. 6 at ECC 9:00a NL
Jan. 9 Milford 3:30 CG
Jan. 10 at Milford 3:30 CG
Jan. 13 at Lancer B 10:00a NL
Jan. 14 at Lancer G 10:00a NL
Jan. 17 Walnut Hills 3:30 CG
Jan. 18 at Wal Hills 3:30 MB
Jan. 23 at Kings 3:30 MB2
Jan. 24 Kings 3:30 CG
Jan. 29 at New Rich 3:30 CG
Feb. 5 at Anderson 3:30 CG
Feb. 7 Anderson 3:30 CG
Feb. 12 at Mid'town 3:30 EL


SBB=Super Bowl Bellewood; CG=Cherry Grove; CL=Crossgate Lanes; NW=Northwest Lanes; MB=Madison Bowl; MB2=Mason Bowl; EL=Eastern Lanes