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Turpin Athletic Booosters

... all for the Spartans!

The Turpin Athletic Boosters enhance the athletic experience of all our student-athletes. We work together with our Athletic Department and coaches to build on the outstanding athletic tradition of Turpin High School.

Our goals are to encourage participation in athletics at THS, promote the highest level of sportsmanship amongst our athletes, increase student attendance at all Turpin Athletic events, and to provide financial assistance for the benefit of all athletic programs at Turpin.

Become an active member by attending a booster meeting and find out how you can help. Booster meeting are held on the second monday of every month in room B301 at THS. And thank you for your continued support of the Spartans!


2016-2017 Turpin Booster Family Members 

Gold Pass Plus Family Memberships

Asbury Chamberlin Favorito Heis Jones Pembleton Schnitzler Thurston
Bell Christopher Gatian Heming Lambert Pera Schulok Tomlinson
Bohenek Cissell Gatje Hernandez Lusk Peterman Scoble Williams
Bruner Cnota Gormley Hill McLelland Polet Sells Winner
Bull Davis Gothard Howard Millikin Robinson Signorelli Workman
Campbell Dehlinger Guenther Ille Molloy Scherer Silverstein Young
Cattran Eiselt Hausfeld Johnson Naughton Schlosser Simoneau  


Gold Pass Family Memberships

Alvaro Thress Lloyd Tierney Rinderle Marcon Teter Kueper
Hellmann Bentley Mort Hann Floth Kupferberg Reed Fisher
Haddad Glandt Young Ward Hurst Carr Wessels Wendel
Rizzo Welsh Molter Bush Rollman Jackson Ballitch Reynolds
Evans Alagha Clifford Durso Fetick Cheung Witherell Fiora
Wyenandt Henkel Butkovich Wilson Russell O'Rourke Shaw Mills
Moore Spritzky Hamann Kiskadden Hazenfield Driscoll Meagher Feck
Tyszkiewicz Hess Flora McManus Willis Gador Helton Sonnefeld
Langan Reynolds McGrew Finnigan Malagari Mountain Miller Spencer
Middendorf Stegmaier Prince Crew Gebhart Wantz Contino Outzs
Covington Hamilton Peeler Lippowitsch Thornton Kerregan Cerchio Bransom
Bailey Lux Jump King Mayfield Trauth Jacobs Delahanty
Huster Stout Kennedy Verdin Cameron DuBois Bernard Rau
Pinckney Holden Blankenship Frey Tilley Egan Ferguson Carr
Gardner Voorhees Hooper Owens Gels Lambert Sulken Gunning
Hehemann Mink Rowland Berndt Verdin Breeze Hobbs Sievers
Hayas Borger Johnson Sherman Hardewig Herndon Fanning Osborne
Muscatello Capetillo Racer Dierig Martis Bernard Hart Tuzun
Kueper Haines McCauley Myres Murphy Friesen Tamkus Schmelzer
Nikolai Ritzenthaler Sanders Sesler Dewey Sotkiewicz Klimkowski Zink
Salmons Donovan Machenheimer Holt Nolan Dulle Benintendi Mangan
Fritts Long Mayne Abernethy Shetler Hogan Pierce  
Wiesman Renfro Marsh Messerly Gonos Yungblut Crossley  


Spartan Memberships

Crossley Wendel Mills Spencer Delahanty Gunning Tuzun Mangan
Kueper Reynolds Feck Outzs Rau Sievers Schmelzer  
Fisher Fiora Sonnefeld Bransom Carr Osborne Zink  



Coach/Faculty/Staff Memberships

Gary Pottebaum Brian Weaver Randy Smith Krystel Burger
Mark Ernst David Spencer Gail Maundrell Melissa Siemers


List as of Sept. 20


Why should I join Turpin Athletic Boosters?

We know Booster membership is expensive. District fees and Athletic “Pay to Play” fees cover only the most basic needs of our student athletes, including Coaches’ salaries, required equipment and uniforms that are reused year after year. Athletic Boosters provides facility improvements that benefit all students, including Band members and student fans, along with parents and community supporters. We believe that these projects and programs elevate the overall image of Turpin High School and Forest Hills School District within Anderson Township and beyond. Our goal is to provide a first class experience for all Turpin students, student athletes, band members and fans. Quality facilities also benefit the school district via increased facility rental fees for community organizations. Gold Pass and Gold Pass Plus memberships also include admission to all regular season home games for all sports at both Turpin and Nagel, along with other benefits listed on the membership form.

What does my Booster Membership Fee fund?

Many critical needs of the Athletic Department are fully funded by Boosters.

Recently, Boosters has purchased new scoreboards for baseball and swimming, baseball & softball field renovations, new gym bleachers, tennis storage shed, weight room equipment, track/CC tent, soccer nets,
football headsets, a new Golf cart to transport fans and equipment to fields, and equipment for concessions.

In addition, Boosters has approved funding for stadium press box renovations, new stadium sound system and scoreboard, cheerleading “run through” banner, Senior awards, Senior banners, and baseball field renovations including new dugout, batting cages, security fences, and team space. This work is planned to be completed over the summer.

Why doesn’t the recent Bond Issue cover these expenses?

The District Bond Fund covers building renovation and limited athletic field renovations. None of the planned Booster spending is covered by the School District.

Can I join Athletic Boosters if my kids don’t play sports?

Absolutely! As mentioned above, Boosters benefits all Turpin students, either directly or indirectly.

Can I get a single Gold Pass for my student?

Yes. They are sold for $85 through the Turpin Athletic Office.

If I purchase Gold Passes through Boosters, how/when will I get my passes?

Orders received by August 8 will be distributed at Meet the Team Night on August 10. All others will be mailed.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact Turpin Athletic Director, Eric Fry at  or Turpin Athletic Booster President, Jami Verdin at 


Supporting Student-Athletes at Turpin High School

The athletic programs at Turpin High School provide our student-athletes with opportunities to compete on the playing field, to demonstrate sportsmanship and to strive for academic excellence. Your Turpin Athletics Boosters continue to support all athletic programs to pay for the new turf stadium, purchase uniforms, equipment, help provide transportation for our athletes along with supporting the maintenance of our sports facilities. The past several years have seen an improved stadium/press box, video equipment, new baseball field sprinkling system, batting cages, new baseball wall and screen, new softball dugouts and scoreboards, wrestling mats, new weight room, an electronic scoreboard for the swim team-just to mention a few of the improvements that Boosters has helped provide. Please join the Boosters and help our Turpin High School Athletes.

The ABC's of the Turpin Athletic Boosters Support:

A: All Awards for Athletes including varsity letters
B: Backstops, Basketball shooting machines, Banners in the gym
C: Cameras, Coaches, Clinics, Chairs
D: Dugouts and Diving boards
E: Equipment for the weight room
F: Funding for state tournament trips, Football stadium
G: Golf bags, Goals, Gator for the field
H: Hurdles for track, Hall of fame plaques and ceremony
I: Infield dirt, Injury prevention sportsmedicine
J: Jump system for track and field team
K: Klinger Krazies - the student boosters!
L: Logo of the Spartan on the gym wall
M: Mascot uniform
N: Nets for Volleyball; New equipment not in the AD's budget
O: Outdoor batting cages for baseball and softball
P: APortable bleachers for tennis, Pool Deck, Press box for Spartan stadium
Q: Quiz team timers and buzzerss
R: Record boards for swimming and track
S: Scoreboards, and Shirts for all coaches
T: Training room upgrades, and Trophy cases
U: Underground irrigation system
V: Vault table for gymnastics, Volleyball blocker equipment
W: Website, Wrestling mats, Windscreens, Water for the softball field
X: eXcellent support of all the Spartan teams and coaches
Y: Yard lines-new turf in Spartan Stadium
Z: E-Z up tent for track and cross country







  • The name of the organization shall be the FRIENDS OF TURPIN, dba Turpin Athletic Booster Club.


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote athletics and activities at Turpin High School. The objective of this organization shall be:

1. To encourage, support, and to promote athletic activity, or any activity pertaining to or affecting our students.

2. To promote the highest standards of sportsmanship and to encourage student participation in athletics and attendance at games and athletic events.

3. To provide financial assistance for the benefit of the athletic department and other activities as defined in item 1 above.


  • Membership shall be open to any person who has paid the current year dues.
  • Annual membership dues shall be set annually by the Executive Committee.


Section I – The governing body of the Boosters is the Membership Board whose duties are to:

1. Elect and install Officers.

2. Elect and install at large Executive Board Members.

3. Serve on nominating committees.

4. Approve expenditures.

5. Approve the annual budget.

6. Uphold and enforce the Bylaws.

Section II – Membership Board

The Membership Board consists of the Executive Committee and a representative from each varsity sport. Each varsity sport shall appoint one representative. Each representative, in addition to the Executive Committee, shall have one vote on all items requiring a vote. The representatives shall elect the Executive Committee at the May meeting.

1. In order to be eligible to become a member of the Membership Board, the individual must have his/her current year dues paid and be a member of the Booster Club. Any Membership Board member who misses three (3) consecutive membership meetings may be asked to resign from the Membership Board.

2. Any Membership Board vacancy occurring during the year shall be filled as soon as possible by appointment of the Executive Committee to fill the remainder of the term.

Section III – Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will be made up of the booster officers and three (3) other booster members elected by the Board for a one (1) year term, along with the Athletic Director.

1. Any Executive Committee vacancy occurring during the year shall be filled as soon as possible by nomination and election by the Board to fill the remainder of the term.

Section IV – Duties of the Executive Committee

1. To meet as necessary to review new and old business to be discussed or voted on at the next membership meeting in an organized fashion.

2. To meet and establish a financial budget for the coming school year.

3. To meet as necessary on any emergency items which must be put to a vote and addressed at the next membership meeting.

4. To address the annual audit of the booster expenditures from the previous year.

Section V – Officers

1. The officers of the Boosters shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Director. Officer terms shall be for a period of one (1) year.

Section VI – Duties of Officers

1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Membership Board and Executive Committee. He/she shall sign all official documents; appoint all committees and shall be, Ex-officio, a member of all committees.

2. The Vice President fulfills all the duties of the President if the latter is absent or otherwise unable to execute his/her responsibilities. The Vice President shall also assist the President as needed.

3. The Secretary shall keep a roll of the membership, preserve the minutes, and attend to all other correspondence.

4. The Treasurer shall present a detailed report of all monies received and disbursed at each membership meeting. All checks shall be signed by the Treasurer or President or his/her designee. The Treasurer shall also be Chairman of the Budget Committee, responsible for preparing and submitting the proposed budget to the Membership Board for approval.

5. The Membership Director shall recruit membership for the Booster Club and assist the Membership Board with other matters as needed.

Section VII – Standing Committees

The Chairman of each committee shall be a member of the Booster Club, will be appointed by the President, will provide an oral report at each membership meeting, and upon request by the President, such written reports as deemed necessary.

Those committees are:

1. Membership;

2. Spartanrama;

3. Nominating; and

4. Concession.

Other committees may be established from time to time as deemed necessary at the discretion of the President.


1. Nomination and election of officers shall take place during the May meeting. A candidate for President must have served at least one (1) year on the Membership Board.

2. All members of the Membership Board are eligible for nomination for Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer.


All Membership meetings are open to the general membership.

1. The Board may meet at least once each month during the calendar year. The meeting place will be determined by the Board.

2. Special Board meetings may be called at the discretion of the President. An attempt to reach all members will be made. Eight (8) members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.


The Constitution may be altered, amended, or revised provided:

1. That such alteration, amendment, or revision be submitted in writing to all board members at least seven (7) days prior to the next membership meeting.

2. At the membership meeting the proposed alteration, amendment, or revision shall be read by the presiding officer to the membership and the floor opened for discussion.

3. At the succeeding general membership meeting, the vote will be called by the presiding officer. A two-thirds vote of the board present is required for passage.


The Booster Club may be dissolved by a two-thirds vote of the membership. In the event of dissolution of the Turpin Athletic Booster Club, any funds remaining in the treasury will be donated to the Turpin Athletic Department.


ADOPTED by Resolution of the Booster Club on the ____ day of _______, 2007.




From The Booster President

The Turpin Athletic Boosters enhance the athletic experience of all our student-athletes. We work together with our Athletic Department and coaches to build on the outstanding athletic tradition of Turpin High School. Our goals are to encourage participation in athletics at THS, promote the highest level of sportsmanship amongst our athletes, increase student attendance at all Turpin Athletic events, and to provide financial assistance for the benefit of all athletic programs at Turpin. Become an active member by attending a booster meeting and find out how you can help. Booster meeting are held on the second monday of every month in the Media Center at THS.

Contact me at if you have any questions. And thank you for your continued support of the Spartans!

— Jami Verdin

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