Spartan freshman lose to Milford

The Freshman Spartans (4-9 ECC, 11-10) picked the final home game to have their worst shooting night of year in a 38-18 loss to Milford. This was never a game as Milford jumped out to an 18-2 halftime lead.

The first half was summed up by missed shot after missed shot and no offensive rebounds. Turpin also did not help themselves with their defense either as Milford built a 12-0 lead. Michael Hooper finally got the Spartans on the board with two free throws and that was it for the scoring in the 1st half.

The Spartans regrouped and actually played a decent 2nd half only being outscored 20-16. The 2nd half was highlighted by Marc Fields two nice drives to the hoop for buckets. It was also good to see Will Schlosser back in action as he drained a 3-pointer from the corner. The Spartans have their final game Friday at Kings. Let’s go out on a positive note!

Unofficial scoring for Turpin: Fields 5, Jacobs 1, Profitt 3, Schlosser 3, Hooper 2, M. Johnson 2, C. Johnson 2

Frosh Basketball Coach

Mitch Johnson
Mitch Johnson

Mitch Johnson  graduated from Turpin in 2016. He was team captain and earned all-conference honorable mention honors in the Eastern Cincinnati Conference his senior year.

Boys Freshmen Basketball

No. Player Year
1 Max Gundrum 9
2 Jack Cnota 9
3 Ethan Zinn 9
4 Branson Faul 9
10 Alex Steele 9
11 Matt Sheffer 9
12 Will Guy 9
23 Charlie Goldey 9
32 Paul Signorelli 9
33 Matthew Johnson 9
34 Kaidan Naughton 9

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