JV Gold Lasso Wyoming Cowboys 5-0

Those Turpin Ladies were jes kickin’ round the schoolyard Tuesday afternoon when the Wyoming Cowboys rode up Turpin Mountain and challenged ‘em to a good old-fashioned shootin’ match. Well that sure rattled the Spartans, so they booted-up, cleared the horses off the range, and showed dem Cowboys how to trap, scoot and shoot like Annie Oakley.

In a contest that eventually turned into a wild shootout, the Spartans came out early and took control of midfield through a 50-yard game of Rondo. With 31 minutes left in the first round, a Cowboy appeared to foul a Spartan in the box, but the referee signaled Turpin “advantage,” and play continued. Off a deflection, bronco-buster Skylar Huster quickly took a low shot, down range, and netted Turpin’s first goal of the match. Yee-haw!

Minutes later, Sophie Welsh shot a 40-yard free kickin’ bullet that was saved by Wyoming’s goalie. Captain Cara Hauserman found short grass and rattled off a few shots on goal. The Spartans even displayed some midfield fiddle-faddle by completing 18 successive passes before Cara crossed to Olivia Canterbury who’s shot on goal was saved by a charging keeper.  In a fancy, 11-second, 100-yard combo play, Maggie Moore tackled the ball, took possession and passed it to Isabel Shim. She flipped it outside to Skylar Huster who jabbed it back to Isabel on the run. She then lobbed the leather up to maverick Cara Hauserman whose shot ricocheted off the right post.

All this commotion had the Cowboys on their heels and lookin’ for cover while the Spartans were all rustled up for an offensive rout before sunset. Rip-roaring shots were taken in succession by: Taylor Black, Emma Smith, captain Reilly Flora, and Olivia Canterbury. After a few more scuffles with the Cowboys, the Spartans holstered a 1-0 halftime lead.

It should be shouted ‘round the valley that Turpin’s defense put on quite the nifty show. Every player in the South 40 worked tirelessly to halt the Cowboys offensive attempts to capture the JV Gold flag. Five-star defenders of the day were: Maggie Moore, Rachel Heis, Mimi Pinckney and Emma Smith for starters; and Amanda Austin, Taylor Black, Olivia Canterbury, Kayla Jones, Kate Muscatello, and Sophie Welsh. Claire Bailey was often streaking up the perimeter and creating shots for the Spartans, while Kallista Rogers worked to keep the Cowboys runnin’ up-down the meadow.

#21 Olivia Canterbury, #14 Rachel Heis, #4 Taylor Black, #11 Mimi Pinckney, #1 Claire Bailey and GK Molly Glandt in action.

Well now, the Cowboys timbers were still a rattlin’ as the Range Master whistled the start of the second half. Even though the Cowboys were shoulder slumped, their coach urged them to buck up and fight for the ball. The Wyoming gang went “on the shoot” after they found a few breaks in Turpin’s fence line. That’s when Spartans goalkeeper Molly Glandt kicked up her spurs and saved a handful of nice shots on frame by the Cowboys.

The knock ‘round continued for the Spartans, though, when Reilly Flora wrestled up range and booted a perfect dirt skipper to Cara Hauserman who quickly back-heeled the ball on frame, but it jus' didn’t pan out. Two minutes later, Isabel Shim poked a smart pass to Olivia Canterbury who rocked a low slider under the Wyoming goalie for a 2-0 Turpin lead.

Moovin’ and Groovin’: #18 Isabel Shim, #3 Cara Hauserman back heels a shot, #7 Reilly Flora, and #12 Kayla Jones

Now, Turpin’s goal sparked some grit in the Cowboys who were jus’ tired of playing second fiddle. One outlaw midfielder, in particular, cut a 50-yard rambling path down range, through Turpin’s finest, and lambasted a strong shot on goal. But Molly Glandt was there to save the dang thing.

Well, all this goings on didn’t sit well with the Spartans neither, so Gigi Bush made a long range pass across the pasture to Skylar Huster who sent it back across to Kate Muscatello all zig-zag like. Kate then smoked a pass, right as rain, up to Cara Hauserman who’s eyes were “bright as a horse ‘round snakes” when she jus' seen it was only her and the goalie in a faceoff. Cara snapped a shot past the keeper and through the white metal arch of Turpin Ranch for a score! Cara’s goal gave the Spartans a 3-0 lead.

Turpin’s Shot Fest 2016 continued when Reilly Flora took a pass, rode out to the river bend, and drove a 30-yard cloud skipper that just missed the post. With 6 minutes left in the match, one of the Cowboys grew tired of this shindig and toe-kicked at the boots of Skylar Huster just outside the area. Well, folks gotta know that Montana Sky don’t take kindly to this kinda thing. Without no fussin’, she lined up at 30 paces for the free kick, drew an arrow cross her bow, and shot a bulls-eye just under the crossbar into the back net for a 4-0 Turpin lead.

With 2 minutes left in the round the Spartans stampede was still in full stride. Reilly Flora drove the right yard, pulled up in the saddle, and passed yonder to Skylar Huster. Sky shimmied a pass up to sharp shooter Isabel Shim who was a-runnin’ onside with the herd. Isabel touched the ball forward and struck a dynamite goal to finish off the match 5-0 for the Spartans.

Turpin JV Gold season record improves to: 5 wins, 1 loss and 8 ties. Their ECC League record is 2-1-2.


Match photos courtesy of: Aimee Heis and Brett Black.

JV Girls Soccer Coaches

Jim Abend, JV Gold  Coach

Eric Petru, JV Maroon Coach

Melissa Gardner, GK Coach


Girls JV Soccer Rosters

1 Rachel Heis D 10
2 Amanda Austin D 10
3 Cara Hauserman M 10
4 Taylor Black D 9
7 Reilly Flora D 10
11 Mimi Pinckney D 10
12 Kayla Jones F 9
13 Gigi Bush F 9
14 Claire Bailey F 10
15 Maggie Moore D 10
16 Kily Egan M 10
17 Skylar Huster M 9
18 Isabel Shim F 10
19 Kallista Rogers M 9
20 Kate Muscatello D 9
21 Olivia Canterbury M 10
23 Molly Glandt GK 10
24 Sophia Welsh M 10
  Sophia Bartholomew M 10
  Olivia Drambarean M 10
  Teegan Ernst M 9
  Victoria King F 9
  Allison Long D 10
  Anna Malagari D 9
  Christina Mickey F 9
  Sydney Orth D 9
  Emily Ritzenthaler M 9
  Ava Singer M 9
  Emma Smith D 9
  Ella Tierney M 9
  Lily Vargo M 9
  Cate Ward M 9
  Madison Wesley M 10
  Kerianne White F 9
  Natalie Wilson M 9
  Emma Young D 9

Girls Soccer JV Gold

Amanda Austin
Claire Bailey
Taylor Black
Gililan Bush
Olivia Canterbury
Kily Egan
Reilly Flora
Molly Glandt
Cara Hauserman
Rachel Heis
Skylar Huster
Kayla Jones
Maggie Moore
Kate Muscatello
Mimi Pinckney
Kallista Rogers
Isabel Shim
Sophie Welsh
Natalie Wilson

Girls Soccer JV Maroon

Sophia Bartholomew
Olivia Drambarean
Teegan Ernst
Victoria King
Ally Long
Anna Malagan
Syndey Orth
Emliy Ritzenthaler
Ava Singer
Emma Smith
Ella Tierney
LIly Vargo
Kate Ward
Madison Wesley
Kerianne Whtie
Emma Young