JV Maroon Loses 2 but That Doesn't the Whole Story

Maroon tries their best to keep the opponent out.

Last Monday the Lady Maroon Spartans took on a strong Centerville team for the second time. The first had Turpin losing 2-0. I will tell you now; this time they would lose 5-0. I will also tell you this time they played better. I know what you’re thinking, come on article guy how is a 5-0 loss better than a 2-0 loss. Simple is the answer, last time when the kickoff sounded we dropped 10 girls and played defense the entire game. This game would be much different.

From the start you could see the girls knew they would have to give maximum effort. I think coach Shannon Fischer knew as well as she seemed to pick up her coaching intensity to encourage the girls to play hard. The game started fast paced, and in the first 2 minutes Turpin remembered quickly just how quick Centerville forwards was. Centerville would find a through ball to a streaking forward who found herself 1-1 with goalie Emme Ritzenthaler. Emme came out a few steps got big and saved the shot. The rebound would yield a second attempt that Emme leaped for and just tipped over the goal post. Truly a great effort by Emme! Turpin would settle in a bit after that. Unlike last game against Centerville Turpin tried to spread the field and make runs at goal. There were moments when they did. Those moments opened up counter runs, but with players like Ella Tierney, Liv Drambarean, Lily Vargo, and Sydney Orth dropping back quickly to help the defense Turpin was holding their own.

kerianne centerville

Unfortunately Centerville would break through at the 20 minute mark with a 30 yard line drive bullet into the upper right corner for a 1-0 lead. The 13 minute mark would have Centerville taking aim again, but this time Emme Ritzenthaler came up with a diving save to push the ball off the right post. As Turpin continued to try to push the ball forward and not just play defense Centerville would take advantage. With 3 minutes left in the half they caught Turpin with not enough help back. Credit to Centerville they had some great passing down the middle to beat goalie Emme Ritzenthaler 1-1 this time. The score of 2-0 would hold till half.Christina Centerville

The second half started with promise as Turpin came out pushing forward to try to score and not just roll over and play defense. Once again at 29 minute mark Centerville would find them on the counter attack. They pushed the ball out wide right, and sent it back in towards the 18, which had the defense playing a game of twister, which led to an easy finish and a 3-0 lead. The 24 minute mark would have Emme Ritzenthaler making another great save of a rebound shot off a corner kick. The 17 minute mark had Centerville scoring on a flat out speed kills goal to go up 4-0. The 15 minute mark had Centerville taking a free kick from just outside the box as Ally Long gave a nice reminder to Centerville that you can’t just come in our house without a fight. I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to write about fouls, but when they are a good one I think I should. Even better was the fact the free kick went over the goal post. No harm done, message sent!

With 12 minutes left Ella the “road runner” Tierney made a nice run down the right side. Ella broke some girl’s ankles as she cut back in. Let me make it known she really didn’t break anyone’s ankles it’s just a term the kids use when they make someone look foolish with a move. Ella would find Sydney Orth with a great pass. Sydney took a nice hard shot, but the goalie saved it. Finally with 5 minutes left Centerville would score again from 25 yards out to make it 5-0. The game did not end how the girls wanted it, but like I said they tried to do the right things. When you are a third team that is your goal. Improve to put yourself in the right situation to be successful. Winning does not always show the success you are having. Very proud of the effort put forth by the Lady Maroon Spartans.

The “Through my Eyes” defying expectations player of the game. Goalie Emme Ritzenthaler! Emme made some incredible saves, and showed much improved command of the goal box.emme centerville

The second game of the week was against Milford, and had the Lady Spartans asking where the bus is? Yes, for the second time this year the Lady Spartans were left wondering if they would get picked up to go to their game. They finally did, but the game would start 30 minutes late, which gave the other team 30 more minutes to warm up. I don’t know if this was an advantage because Turpin came out playing physical. Milford matched the physical play very nicely which led to a bunch of early foul calls. One particular spot on the field would yield about 10 foul calls on its own. Rumor was that’s where the ref hid his treasure map in the 70’s and didn’t want the girls to uncover it. The game was truly a prize fight between to heavyweights, with Milford landing the first knockdown at the 17 minute mark as an unlucky bounce found the feet of a Milford forward who made a great finish for a 1-0 lead. The 14 minute mark had Turpin swinging back with a shot by Madison Wesley that found the side net. The 11 minute mark had southpaw Kerianne White taking a long range shot that appeared to hit a turtle and almost bounce over the goalie. The 8 minute mark had Sophie Bartholomew nicely defending a corner kick by Milford. The 8 minute mark also had more of an increase of physical play. The 5 minute mark would have Milford scoring another knockdown as they sent a cross in for a nice head ball finish. The score of 2-0 Milford would hold till half.liv centerville

The second half would be an unbelievable display of hard work by the entire Turpin team. Think Rocky 4 against the Russian. Rocky battled early, but was losing the fight. Then something changed and for the rest of the fight he dominated. That was the second half for Turpin. Milford would have one shot on goal the second half, and I only counted it because our goalie did have to pick it up. Turpin came out firing; at the 32 minute mark Sydney Orth had a good shot on goal. Minute later Ella broke them ankles again with a nice cut back move; unfortunately the ref stood in her way and forced her to shoot wide right. At any point have I mentioned this game was physical? The 24 minute mark had Turpin in hot pursuit of the goal again, but a diving save by the Milford’s goalie kept Turpin out. The 22 minute mark had Ella the “freight train” Tierney blowing her whistle down the right side as she blew past 3 Milford defenders. Ella sent a beautiful cross in that Natalie Wilson just chipped over the cross bar. The 18 minute mark had Ella T taking a mighty rip at the ball. It kind of got away from her as it would have been good from 60 yards. The 11 and 9 minute marks had Ella Tierney winning a pair of corner kicks that we just couldn’t finish. Christina Mickey found Lily Vargo who put her shot just wide left. The 7 minute mark had Natalie Wilson taking a shot, but was denied by Milford’s goalie. With 3 minutes left Turpin was playing at a frantic pace, but could not find a goal. One last shot was taken by Madison Wesley, but once again denied. I did want to mention the defense. Emma Young did a great job of shutting down runs down the middle and left side for her best game of the year. Ally Long was once again the strong arm of the law in the middle. Sophie Bartholomew and Cate Ward worked well together to be in the right positions to shut down chances. The second half the defense did a great job keeping the ball forward and making it a 50 yard game. However unlike Rocky 4 there was no miracle knockout for victory, but like in the end of Rocky 4 I think the Lady Spartans earned the respect of everyone in attendance.

The “Through my Eyes” defying expectation player of the game was the second half Lady Spartans. The first half Spartans were good the second half were just DOMINATE!!!!

Maroon is now 3-7-4 with one game remaining against Seton.

Let’s end this thing with a win.

JV Girls Soccer Coaches

Jim Abend, JV Gold  Coach

Eric Petru, JV Maroon Coach

Melissa Gardner, GK Coach


Girls JV Soccer Rosters

1 Rachel Heis D 10
2 Amanda Austin D 10
3 Cara Hauserman M 10
4 Taylor Black D 9
7 Reilly Flora D 10
11 Mimi Pinckney D 10
12 Kayla Jones F 9
13 Gigi Bush F 9
14 Claire Bailey F 10
15 Maggie Moore D 10
16 Kily Egan M 10
17 Skylar Huster M 9
18 Isabel Shim F 10
19 Kallista Rogers M 9
20 Kate Muscatello D 9
21 Olivia Canterbury M 10
23 Molly Glandt GK 10
24 Sophia Welsh M 10
  Sophia Bartholomew M 10
  Olivia Drambarean M 10
  Teegan Ernst M 9
  Victoria King F 9
  Allison Long D 10
  Anna Malagari D 9
  Christina Mickey F 9
  Sydney Orth D 9
  Emily Ritzenthaler M 9
  Ava Singer M 9
  Emma Smith D 9
  Ella Tierney M 9
  Lily Vargo M 9
  Cate Ward M 9
  Madison Wesley M 10
  Kerianne White F 9
  Natalie Wilson M 9
  Emma Young D 9

Girls Soccer JV Gold

Amanda Austin
Claire Bailey
Taylor Black
Gililan Bush
Olivia Canterbury
Kily Egan
Reilly Flora
Molly Glandt
Cara Hauserman
Rachel Heis
Skylar Huster
Kayla Jones
Maggie Moore
Kate Muscatello
Mimi Pinckney
Kallista Rogers
Isabel Shim
Sophie Welsh
Natalie Wilson

Girls Soccer JV Maroon

Sophia Bartholomew
Olivia Drambarean
Teegan Ernst
Victoria King
Ally Long
Anna Malagan
Syndey Orth
Emliy Ritzenthaler
Ava Singer
Emma Smith
Ella Tierney
LIly Vargo
Kate Ward
Madison Wesley
Kerianne Whtie
Emma Young