In Final Game JV Maroon play 11v13, Lose to Seton 3-0

JV Maroon Girls 2016

The JV Maroon Spartans traveled to Seton for the second time this season. I thought it was because the fields at home were being used. They appeared to be available, and the home field advantage we could have used. At the very least, it may have been too far for the guys in green to travel to. I’ll get to that in a minute.

First I would like to sends some thanks out, before you decide my article is boring and quit read.

My first thanks go out to Doug Wiseman. Doug helped me figure out you better use Microsoft Word so you can save your article. They will disappear on you, and it does take way more time to do these articles than you thank. Doug you are Spartan Strong!!!

Next, thanks go to Nancy Ayers who took all of the pictures for the Maroon Team. Nancy probably ran up and down the field as much as the girls did in each game. Nancy cheers to you!!!!!

Coach Shannon Fisher you filled a vacant spot at Turpin. Thank you for the time you invested in the girls!!! Win, loses and ties aside I know you made each girl better than when they started the season.

Parents who hosted dinners, and took care of Jersey Mikes. Job well done!!! Thank You!

Parents again, pat yourselves on the back for your support of your kids. To invest time in your kids is the best investment you can make!!!

Now, as I was saying the girls traveled to Seton for the second time. Guess it’s not all bad at least it’s free to get in. The girls looked ready with their usual smiles on their faces. If anything these Maroon Spartans always look like they are having a good time. The girls came out with great intensity as did Seton. Turpin would trade corner kicks with Seton early with both teams coming up empty. At the 25 minute mark, queue the boys in green. Seton would kick the ball in our box as our defender watched it into the goalies hands. I have seen the play 1000 times as our defender shielded the player at the very last second to allow the goalie to pick it up. Seton clearly never had a shot at the ball, but an obstruction call was made. This led to an indirect kick from 6 yards away. We have to give up 10 yards so that puts us in the goal and a quick touch pass by Seton leaves no time to react to the kick from point blank range. 1-0 Seton. What’s up with that dude in green!!!Emme and Ally

Turpin would keep battling and 2 minutes later Natalie Wilson would get free, and hit a shot that the goalie just got a finger tip on then basically sat on the ball for the save. At the 16 and 15 minute marks Turpin would have 2 corner kicks sent in by Ella Tierney. They looked so good you would have thought Grandma was serving up Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately we must have still been full from Jersey Mikes as the Spartans could not finish. This led to a Seton counter attack which ended with a shot just over goal. The 12 minute mark would have a good Turpin build up, out of the back, lead to another cross in by Ella Tierney, but once again denied by Seton. At the 8 minute mark goalie Emme Ritzenthaler made a full extension diving stop to her left. AMAZING SAVE!!!! Turpin had chances but the score would remain 1-0 till half.Natalie

Corner Kick

The second half started with Seton putting a shot over the cross bar off a corner. Minutes later Madison Wesley would put a shot just wide for Turpin. The 29 minute mark had a nice played ball from Ella Tierney to Ceci Malagari whose shot just didn’t want to go in. It was great to see Ceci back on the field after missing the last several games to injury. Seton would win a free kick a short time later, but sent it wide right. The 26 minute mark, the boys in green strike again.Ceci Back

There is no rule in FIFA that says a ball cannot touch a player’s hand. The rule does state that a DELIBERATE ACT OF A PLAYER MAKING CONTACT WITH THE BALL IS A HANDBALL. So when you see a ball bounce up and hit a player in the arm do not yell handball. That is wrong!!!!!!! If the player sticks out his or her arm and it looks like they meant to do it then yell handball. In our case our defender had her back turned in the box, no one around and the ball bounced up and hit her hand. By rule not a handball, to dude in green, penalty kick.2-0 Seton. Yeah I know what’s up with that dude in green!!!!

After a few more chances by Turpin it happened again. What happened, that dude in green. This time defender Emma Young made a great stick at the 18 on a Seton player causing said player to go down. The teammate of the Seton player jumped over and tripped on her own player landing on Emma and knocking her off balance. Emma would stay up and take the ball outside, but the Seton player fell down. I guess 2 players down for Seton and none for Turpin must equal another Penalty Kick. 3-0 Seton. Yes I know, what’s up with that dude in green!!!! Christina Mickey would have another fine opportunity to score for Turpin, but went flying over the goalie as she got a touch on the ball that was saved by the Seton goalie.

The game and season would in with a 3-0 defeat. I know I shouldn’t blame the refs, but they did take the wind out of the sails a bit. I also know we didn’t score, and the best we were going to do was tie. Having said all this it was a very enjoyable season. If you go by wins then maybe not for you. I go by what I call success. Success is the achievement of a goal. I believe the goal was to become better players with a better understanding of the game. Playing for one another as a team, and not individuals. In my opinion the Lady Spartans did just that!!!!

Thanks to those of you who read the articles. Thanks for not taking off for spelling and grammar.

I wish the best of luck to you, Maroon Lady Spartans on your future soccer endeavors, or any other endeavors you choose to pursue.

JV Maroon End of Season

JV Girls Soccer Coaches

Jim Abend, JV Gold  Coach

Eric Petru, JV Maroon Coach

Melissa Gardner, GK Coach


Girls JV Soccer Rosters

1 Rachel Heis D 10
2 Amanda Austin D 10
3 Cara Hauserman M 10
4 Taylor Black D 9
7 Reilly Flora D 10
11 Mimi Pinckney D 10
12 Kayla Jones F 9
13 Gigi Bush F 9
14 Claire Bailey F 10
15 Maggie Moore D 10
16 Kily Egan M 10
17 Skylar Huster M 9
18 Isabel Shim F 10
19 Kallista Rogers M 9
20 Kate Muscatello D 9
21 Olivia Canterbury M 10
23 Molly Glandt GK 10
24 Sophia Welsh M 10
  Sophia Bartholomew M 10
  Olivia Drambarean M 10
  Teegan Ernst M 9
  Victoria King F 9
  Allison Long D 10
  Anna Malagari D 9
  Christina Mickey F 9
  Sydney Orth D 9
  Emily Ritzenthaler M 9
  Ava Singer M 9
  Emma Smith D 9
  Ella Tierney M 9
  Lily Vargo M 9
  Cate Ward M 9
  Madison Wesley M 10
  Kerianne White F 9
  Natalie Wilson M 9
  Emma Young D 9

Girls Soccer JV Gold

Amanda Austin
Claire Bailey
Taylor Black
Gililan Bush
Olivia Canterbury
Kily Egan
Reilly Flora
Molly Glandt
Cara Hauserman
Rachel Heis
Skylar Huster
Kayla Jones
Maggie Moore
Kate Muscatello
Mimi Pinckney
Kallista Rogers
Isabel Shim
Sophie Welsh
Natalie Wilson

Girls Soccer JV Maroon

Sophia Bartholomew
Olivia Drambarean
Teegan Ernst
Victoria King
Ally Long
Anna Malagan
Syndey Orth
Emliy Ritzenthaler
Ava Singer
Emma Smith
Ella Tierney
LIly Vargo
Kate Ward
Madison Wesley
Kerianne Whtie
Emma Young