Caitlin Fisher Moves on to Districts in Tennis

After a 13-hour day at three locations in three cities, the sectionals are over for the Turpin girls tennis team with Caitlin Fisher moving on to the districts.


In singles, Savannah Webber and Julia Helbling both played like they had nothing to lose, and won two matches each; unfortunately they both lost their third matches.  Fisher finished sectionals in 3rd place and moves on to Districts! In doubles, Cara Hogan and Savannah Allen won their first match then fell to the 1-2 players from Lakota East in a tough match. Sarah Wilke and Allison Musgrove felt the unluck of the draw and played a very tough Sycamore team in their first round but they never gave up.


Meet Coach Gail Maundrell


Gail Maundrell
Gail Maundrell

Gail Maundrell returned as the Varsity Coach in 2011. This will be her 25th year to coach Turpin Tennis.


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Girls Tennis Roster

Player Year
Julia Abernethy 9
Savannah Allen 11
Kaia Cirone 10
Layla Daoud 9
Caitlin Fisher 11
Alaina Hayas 10
Julia Helbling 11
Cara Hogan 11
Rose Kurian 9
Jenna Lombardo 11
Sara Meek 12
Allison Musgrove 12
Julia Musgrove 9
Jessica Pierce 11
Morgan Reynolds 11
Alexandra Sherman 9
Claire Steinbrunner 10
Savannah Webber 11
Sarah Wilke 12

Girls Tennis Matches

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