Freshman Boys Defeat Walnut Hills

On Saturday, December 16th our Freshman Spartans (2-4 overall, 2-1 ECC) extended their win streak with a 49-34 victory over Walnut Hills at THS.  


For the second game in a rown, guard Matt Sheffer started the scoring off for the Spartans with a strong basket drive.  The Eagles from Walnut Hills countered with a 4-point run and the 1st quarter turned into a back-and-forth affair, with Sheffer, Alex Steele and Ethan Zinn providing the offense.  Unfortunately 3 Spartan turnovers in the final seconds of the quarter cost Turpin the lead and after one quarter of action they trailed 8-7.  

The Spartans bounced back in a big way during the second quarter.  Guard Matthew Johnson provided the offensive firepower, scoring from behind the arc and on dribble drives, racking up 9 points before the half.  The defense was fierce, holding Walnut Hills to just 4 points as the Spartans raced to a 26-12 halftime lead.

With the offense working at a high level and a stiffling defense, Turpin looked to put the game away in the 3rd quarter.  Walnut Hills would not go quietly and started to exert some defensive pressure of their own.  A long three-pointer from Johnson and nice inside feed to Steele from Jack Cnota provided some lift and Turpin held onto a 10-point lead entering the 4th, 33-23. The Eagles closed to within 6 points early in the 4th before our Spartans put away the game for good.  Johnson continued to provide the scoring, hitting his third 3 of the game.  He was helped from Cnota, who added 6 points in the quarter.  When the final buzzer sounded, Turpin secured a solid conference win, 49-34.

Unofficial Stats:

Scoring: Johnson-22, Cnota-8, Sheffer-7, Steele-6, Zinn-3, Goldey-2, Naughton-1

Frosh Basketball Coach

Mitch Johnson
Mitch Johnson

Mitch Johnson  graduated from Turpin in 2016. He was team captain and earned all-conference honorable mention honors in the Eastern Cincinnati Conference his senior year.

Boys Freshmen Basketball

No. Player Year
1 Max Gundrum 9
2 Jack Cnota 9
3 Ethan Zinn 9
4 Branson Faul 9
10 Alex Steele 9
11 Matt Sheffer 9
12 Will Guy 9
23 Charlie Goldey 9
32 Paul Signorelli 9
33 Matthew Johnson 9
34 Kaidan Naughton 9

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