On Tuesday, Kings 2233, Turpin 1834, high for Turpin was Evan Cornuelle with a 330 series.  Wednesday 23January, Kings 2201, Turpin 2018, high  once again was Evan with a 204, 212, 416 series. 

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On Tuesday, Turpin was up 71 pins after match play 1360-1289, again the Baker games would determine who won or lost. Turpin started with 159 and 157 games as Kings was unable to stay with Turpin, winning going away 1916-1764. High bowler for Turpin was Madison Gillespie (319) series.

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On 1/7/13 Anderson 2466, Turpin 2331, high for Turpin was Evan Cornuelle once again with 224 and 232 games for a 456 series.  In this match freshman Greg Wheaton had his high game, 239 and high series for the season, 399.  This was also the team's high match total of the season (2331).  On 1/8/13 Anderson 2457, Turpin 2090, high score was Evan again with a 346.

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On Monday 1/15 Turpin took on a strong Loveland team led by Rachel Leever (403) series and won the match (2220-1913) We just couldn't get anything going but never gave up. Monica Bosse led Turpin with a (286) series.

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Meet The Bowling Coaches

photo of coach dietzMichelle Dietz is the girls coach. She teaches German at Turpin and is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.

photo of coach kenterEric Kenter is the boys bowling coach. He is an English teacher at Turpin and a graduate of Miami University.

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Bowling Roster

Sarah Comello
Morgan Cook
Cameron Mickey
Becca Feick
Ashley Fronk
Olivia Humphrey
Gracie Faul
Hannah Fritts
Ava Giordano
Abby Hall
Angelina Wehrman
Katelyn Young

Bowling Schedule

Date Team Time Place
Nov. 17 at SK G 7:00 SBB
Nov. 18 at SK B 9:00a SBB
Nov. 28 Loveland 3:30 CG
Nov. 29 at Loveland 3:30 CL
Dec. 4 at West Cler 3:30 CG
Dec. 5 West Cler 3:30 CG
Dec. 9 Holiday G 9:00a NL
Dec. 9 Holiday B 10:00a NL
Dec. 11 Fenwick 3:30 CG
Dec. 13 at Marie 3:30 MB
Dec. 20 at McNich 3:30 CG
Dec. 21 at Ross 3:30 NL
Jan. 3 at Lakota E 3:30 MB2
Jan. 6 at ECC 9:00a NL
Jan. 9 Milford 3:30 CG
Jan. 10 at Milford 3:30 CG
Jan. 13 at Lancer B 10:00a NL
Jan. 14 at Lancer G 10:00a NL
Jan. 17 Walnut Hills 3:30 CG
Jan. 18 at Wal Hills 3:30 MB
Jan. 23 at Kings 3:30 MB2
Jan. 24 Kings 3:30 CG
Jan. 29 at New Rich 3:30 CG
Feb. 5 at Anderson 3:30 CG
Feb. 7 Anderson 3:30 CG
Feb. 12 at Mid'town 3:30 EL


SBB=Super Bowl Bellewood; CG=Cherry Grove; CL=Crossgate Lanes; NW=Northwest Lanes; MB=Madison Bowl; MB2=Mason Bowl; EL=Eastern Lanes