After many years as the Quiz Team's reader, Mr Barry Riehle retired from the team at the end of last season to pursue a new career.  We are very thankful for the many years Mr Riehle read for the team.  He read last year even though he had retired from teaching at Turpin the previous year. 

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After a tough week of studies and tests the AQT got together to relax.  The players enjoyed pizza, chips, veggies, fruit salad, cupcakes and brownies.  They were able to unwind by playing air hockey, board games and just hanging out.  It was a great way for the team to bond.  The players take their classes serious, many of the them talked about the difficult exams.  Turpin educators have certainly challenged these intelligent students.  It was nice for them to "chill" a little. 

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The first Quiz Match of the season was against our rivial team, Anderson High School.  The Match was held on December 5, 2012 at Anderson High School. As always this is the team that Turpin tries their best to beat.  The tension was high in the room when the match started.  Both Turpin and Anderson hoping for a WIN. However, this time we tied.  Varisty tied 1-1, JV lost, Freshman won.  They were all close matches.  Look out Anderson- We'll be BACK!

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Vincent Anderton
Trevor Arrowood
Lizi Bazzoli
Ben Blavat
Hayden Browne
Tim Brown
Liv Drambarean
Dave Fiora
Drew Hardin
Savannah Koma
Sam McKittick
Ben Michels
Ethan Shim
Jack Speelman
Nate Sievers
Jesse Stoker
Grant Wendel

Coach Adam Bridges

bridges 2013 14Academic Quiz team coach Adam Bridges teaches Modern World History. He grew up in Batavia, and is a graduate from Miami University with a degree in Education and a minor in History. Adam lives in Clermont County and owns Bengal season tickets.

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Academic Quiz Team

Name Year
Drew Hardin 12
Dave Fiora 12
Kenzie Ferguson 12
Trevor Arrowood 12
Vincent Anderton 11
Grant Wendel 11
Max Egan 11
Sam McKittrick 11
Jack Speelman 11
Liv Drambarean 10
Nate Sievers 10
Hayden Browne 10
Ben Blavat 10
Savannah Koma 10
Jesse Stoker 10
Ethan Shim 10
Ben Michels 10
McCoy Reynolds 9
Zach Zellner 9
Tim Brown 9
Lizi Bazzoli 9

Academic Quiz Team Schedule

Date Team Time
Dec. 7 Loveland 4:00
Dec. 14 Withrow 4:00
Jan. 11 @ Kings 4:00
Jan. 18 @ Walnut Hills 4:00
Jan. 25 Anderson 4:00
Feb. 1 Milford 4:00
Feb. 8 @ Glen Este 4:00
Feb. 22 ECC Tournament 4:00