Don't miss Fall Meet the Team for all sports on Wednesday, August 15 at 6:00pm in front of the school.  Freshmen families should bring a Covered Dish; Sophomores bring Appetizers; Juniors bring Salads; and Seniors bring Desserts.

Updates to the Cross Country Parents Page are in progress. A tentative Team Calendar for the season has been posted on the left, but is subject to change; some times are approximate (especially event finish times), details are incomplete and meet maplinks have not yet been setup. More information will be available at the Parent/Athlete Meeting on August 13th.

Please note that all information currently on the Cross Country Home Page is from the Fall 2011 season.  New information will be posted as soon as it's available, so check back often.

Athletes and parents who have questions or would like to be added to our team e-mail distribution list should contact Coaches, Captains or Susan Mazzeo via  the contact box above.

Boys Cross Country Coach

Marshall Remmele
Marshall Remmele

Coach Marshall Remmele, a 2004 Turpin graduate, ran cross country and track at Auburn and graduated from Purdue in 2008. He and his wife Carolyn, also a 2004 Turpin graduate, reside in Anderson Township.

Download a boys schedule

Boys Cross Country Roster


Runner Year
Jack Bentley 9
Patrick Bentley 12
Sean Butkovich 10
Paul Carnevale 9
Derek Carter 11
Benjamin Chamberlin 12
Bryan Creelman 11
John Cronin 11
Alexandre Du Four 10
Max Egan 12
Connor Flora 9
Jack Fredette 12
daniel Friedman 11
Sean Gatje 12
Wyatt Goetz 9
Samuel Goldey 11
Peter Henkel 11
Zachary Johnson 9
Adam Kimble 11
Andrew Kissel 9
Anthony Massaro 12
Taylor McDaniel 12
James McIntire 9
Lance Miller 11
Jonathon Morton 10
Peter Morton 10
Jack Myers 11
paul pierce 9
Jack Polivka 12
Timothy Randall 10
Maxwell Roberts 9
Owen Rutter 12
Brady Salmons 10
Steven Salmons 10
Calvin Seeman 11
Ethan Shim 11
Nathaniel Sievers 11
Jack Sonnefeld 12
Jack Speelman 12
Zachary Teter 12
David Thomas 11
Andrew Thornton 11
Morgan Thurston 12
Kenneth Wagner 9
Grant Wendel 12
Dean Wickman 9
Robert Wyenandt 12

Cross Country Meets

No events