The best match of the first round of the state tennis championships involved Turpin 3-year qualifier Caitlin Fisher and the top seed out of the Northeast, Anna Roggenburk of Magnificat. Roggenburk was the state runner-up a year ago and defeated Fisher along the way. This fall, Fisher put up a better fight against a girl who had barely lost a set in the regular season. The final was 6-3, 2-6, 6-1.


"It was a tough first match for sure," Fisher said. "I played her last year in the quarterfinals and I think I only won one game. This time I won a whole set. I definitely improved a lot."

Congratulations Caitlin!


Meet Coach Gail Maundrell


Gail Maundrell
Gail Maundrell

Gail Maundrell returned as the Varsity Coach in 2011. This will be her 25th year to coach Turpin Tennis.


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Girls Tennis Roster

Player Year
Julia Abernethy 9
Savannah Allen 11
Kaia Cirone 10
Layla Daoud 9
Caitlin Fisher 11
Alaina Hayas 10
Julia Helbling 11
Cara Hogan 11
Rose Kurian 9
Jenna Lombardo 11
Sara Meek 12
Allison Musgrove 12
Julia Musgrove 9
Jessica Pierce 11
Morgan Reynolds 11
Alexandra Sherman 9
Claire Steinbrunner 10
Savannah Webber 11
Sarah Wilke 12

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