It has been a long two weeks for Turpin girls tennis. The first week started out with the Township rivalry against Anderson High School. As fans began to pour in, so did the rain. The match was continued on September 8 on a much nicer day. 1st singles, 2nd singles, and 1st doubles clutched the win for Turpin, while 3rd singles and 2nd doubles lost after a hard fought match. The next few school days, the girls had successful wins against CCDS, Mason, and Milford

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This past week for ladies tennis was filled with ups and downs on court. For all 5 matches, the lineup consisted of Gabby Verdin at 1st singles, 2nd singles, Katie Bercz, 3rd singles, Brogan Bennell, 1st doubles, Ellen Antoniades and Abby Toerner, and 2nd doubles, Caroline Millard and Sarah Wilke.

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The first competitive week in ladies tennis was a successful one. The season kicked off with the Eastside Doubles Tournament on Tuesday. First doubles team, Gabby Verdin and Katie Bercz, won their flight. Second doubles team Caroline Millard and Sarah Wilke, along with third and fourth doubles pairings of Zanda Orgil and Brogan Bennell, and Catie Sherman and Sara Meek came in 2nd place.

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Meet Coach Gail Maundrell


Gail Maundrell
Gail Maundrell

Gail Maundrell returned as the Varsity Coach in 2011. This will be her 25th year to coach Turpin Tennis.


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Girls Tennis Roster

Player Year
Julia Abernethy 9
Savannah Allen 11
Kaia Cirone 10
Layla Daoud 9
Caitlin Fisher 11
Alaina Hayas 10
Julia Helbling 11
Cara Hogan 11
Rose Kurian 9
Jenna Lombardo 11
Sara Meek 12
Allison Musgrove 12
Julia Musgrove 9
Jessica Pierce 11
Morgan Reynolds 11
Alexandra Sherman 9
Claire Steinbrunner 10
Savannah Webber 11
Sarah Wilke 12

Girls Tennis Matches

No events