District Honorees

The Spartans competed at District Championships on February 25th. They ended the season with a team high score of 125.75, an improvement of 8.3 points from their first meet of 117.45.

Kate Seibert won the Turpin sportsmanship award for the athlete who demonstrates extraordinary leadership and team spirit. Polina Elagin, Brittany Gardner and Katie Lambert were recognized as scholar athletes as seniors with a 3.7 GPA or higher. Polina Elagin, Brittany Gardner, Katie Lambert and Kate Seibert were recognized as Turpin’s four years seniors. Katie Lambert earned the recognition for the All-District team as she placed in the top 10 on any event at District Championships.

The Spartan began the competition on bars. The competitors for were Olivia Meagher, Amber Russell, Serra Tuzun, Brittany Gardner, Katie Lambert and Gretchen Watkins.

The Spartans rotated to the beam. The competitors were Amber Russell, Katie Lambert, Serra Tuzun, Olivia Meagher, Polina Elagin and Gretchen Watkins. Amber, Katie, Serra and Olivia completed their routines with no falls and Olivia had her season high score. A great way to end the season.

The Spartans move to the floor. This is the Spartans strongest event and they finished with a season high team score of 35.1. All of the start values of the routines were 9.7 or higher and two routines has a start value of 9.9. All competitors’ scores exceeded 8. Gretchen Watkins, Polina Elagin and Katie Lambert has a season high. The other Spartan competitors were Brittany Gardner, Olivia Meagher and Amber Russell.

The final event was vault. The Spartans that competed this event were Katie Lambert and Brittany Gardner, Gretchen Watkins, Amber Russell, Leah Roodhouse and Serra Tuzun.

The improvement by the girls was impressive; those fighting injuries were impressive in their comebacks. The six seniors will be in the next chapter of their lives and the remaining team will hopefully be ready for another great year in 2018.

Go Turpin!

Let's Go Turpin!

The Spartans participated in the Cincinnati City Championships on Saturday February 18th at Miamisburg High Scholl. They finished in 4rd place behind Anderson, Lakota East and Oak Hills.

The team began the competition on the bars. It was a slow start with Gretchen Watkins, Brittany Gardner, Katie Lambert and Olivia Meagher contributing to the team score. Other Spartans competing were Maria Bushman and Serra Tuzun.

The team rotated to the beam. Gretchen Watkins led the Spartans with a 4th place finish. Polina Elagin has a strong performance with an 8th place finish. The other Spartans who competed this event were Katie Lambert, Serra Tuzun, Olivia Meagher and Maria Bushman.

The team rotated to floor which continues to be the top event for the team. Katie Lambert finished in 4th place, Brittany finished in 7th place and Gretchen Watkins finished in 9th place. Other Spartan competitors were Polina Elagin, Olivia Meagher and Maria Bushman.

The Spartans rotated to the vault. Gretchen Watkins had a 4th place finish. Katie Lambert placed 7th, Brittany placed 10th and Serra Tuzun placed 11th. Other Spartans that competed this event were Maria Bushman and Leah Roodhouse.

Gretchen Watkins placed 7th in the all-around. Katie Lambert and Maria Bushman compete for the first on all four events for the all-around.

The Spartans will be back in action at Districts on Saturday February 25th at Lakota East.

The Spartans do a Dab

The Girls Gymnastics team participated in the Southwest Individual Meet on Sunday February 12th at Miamisburg High School. While there is no team score at this meet, it is an opportunity for the ladies to have a chance to reach their personal goals.

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The Girls Gymnastics participated in the Catholic Central Invitational on Saturday February 4th. A week off from meets allowed the team to work on mastering some new skills. For several of the Spartans their hard work paid off.

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Hailey Beiswanger
Maria Bushman
Polina Elagin
Brittany Gardner
Katie Lambert
Geena Marcon
Caitlin McGrath
Olivia Meagher
Leah Roodhouse
Amber Russell
Kate Seibert
Serra Tuzun
Gretchen Watkins

Coach Gail Maundrell

maundrellGail Maundrell has coached the Turpin Spartans gymnastics team for more than 30 years. She is one of the most well-respected coaches in the area, and retired from teaching at Turpin several years ago.

Assistant Coach Brooke Bostelman was a state qualifier in high school, and was on Miami University's club team. She teaches second grade at Mercer Elementary.

Assistant Coach Kelly McCollum is a 2006 graduate of Turpin and competed for Ball State. She holds record at Turpin in vault, bars, floor and all around.

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Gymnastics Roster

Name Year
Hailey Beiswanger 12
Kate Seibert 12
Katie Lambert 12
Geena Marcon 12
Polina Elagin 12
Brittany Gardner 12
Caitlin McGrath 12
Gretchen Watkins 11
Maria Bushman 10
Olivia Meagher 9
Amber Russell 9
Serra Tuzun 9
Leah Roodhouse 9

Gymnastics Schedule

Date Event
Dec. 17 Hilliard Invitational
Jan. 8 Oak Hills Invitational
Jan. 14 Forest Hills Flip Fest
Jan. 16 Troy Invitational
Jan. 21 Worthington Invitational
Jan. 25 Seven Hills Quad
Feb. 4 Springfield Invitational
Feb. 12 SWIM Meet
Feb. 18 Miamisburg
Feb. 25 Districts
Mar. 3 State Meet
Mar. 4 State Meet